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At 'Red Labrador Retrievers' we go to great lengths to try to ensure that we will always produce genetically healthy and strong puppies. Our breeding dogs have had their hips X-rayed and certified by the OVC as clear of any signs of Genetic Hip Dysplasia (GHD). Our studs have been Optigen DNA tested Clear Normal for prcd Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Our puppies are guaranteed against GHD and PRA.
If in the unlikely event that an RLR dog does develop a hereditary disorder or disease we do need to be notified regardless of how minor this may seem so that we are able to examine the affected breeding line and make appropriate breeding decisions.
We do guarantee against genetic disease of the hips,elbows & eyes which we do test our studs for. Any and all warrantied issues must be diagnosed by a Veterinarian and supported by appropriate investigations/testing and confirmed by our Veterinarian, Dr. John McKinley.
If an RLR dog/puppy were diagnosed with a warrantied disease, we would refund the purchase price of the puppy. Returning the dog to RLR would be an option but not an obligation. We NEVER approve of convenience euthanization and if the dog is suffering such a decision would be made by us, the breeder, and our veterinarian.

When you purchase a puppy from 'Red Labarador Retrievers' you will be required to sign a contract stating the following...

1) You understand and agree that you will provide this puppy/dog with nutritional food and Veterinarian care, including yearly check-ups and vaccines.

2) Your puppy/dog will never be left outside on any form of lead for longer than 2 accumulated hours in a day. If he/she is KEPT in an outdoor kennel or run he/she will be provided a minimum of 100sq feet.

3) Your puppy/dog, when outside, will always be provided shelter appropriate to the weather conditions. He/She will never be left out without HEATED accommodations when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit real feel. He/She will be provided appropriate cooled accommodations when temperature exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit real feel.
If weather conditions are such that you are uncomfortable, then so is your dog...

4) Your puppy/dog will NEVER be surrendered to a shelter or rescue. If for some reason you must surrender your dog RLR is to be given the first opportunity to acquire the pet. If you decide to sell or re-home your dog RLR must be notified of the dogs new location and the new owners must be made aware of this contract.

5) RLR reserves the right to remove any RLR dog/puppy from your premises and care if you are found to be in breach of any of the above stipulations.

6) Unless you have signed a breeding contract with RLR, your dog was sold on a CKC No-Breed Contract and as such you have agreed that he/she will be not be bred and should be neutered/spayed.

7) It is your promise and responsibility to provide a healthy and loving home environment for your new puppy/dog for many years to come

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