Puppies are finding loving homes in the communites of Windsor, Maidstone,Essex, Pleasant Park, Tecumseh, LaSalle, Leamington, Kingsville, Harrow, Emeryville, Woodslee and Belle River

Boys & Girls

It is with our great appreciation to Mt. St. Louis Labradors, for all of their guidance and for helping us to acquire "Boomer".

Boomer, who has become the jewel of our breeding program, is an outstanding Dark Red Stud with a very impressive background of titles.  Boomer has had his hips and elbows X-rayed and cleared for GHD and he has been Optigen DNA tested Clear/Normal for PRA. He has consistently produced strong, healthy puppies with amazing temperaments to match his own.


Cash, out a Boomer x Noel sired his first gorgeous litter late 2018.  While Cash does have plenty of drive and energy for hunt, a big part of why we selected Cash to follow in Boomers paw prints is because of the his calm and gentle nature that we feel he will bring into our Service Dog lines.

Tuukka was selected from Treasure Coast in Florida.  We were thrilled to find a boy with such a beautiful body and head couple with an incredible nose.  His ability to sniff never ceases to amaze me.


Cheyenne, Nikita, Lizzy and Arizona are our current breeding females, each possessing their own individual character traits which we have come to rely on when looking for a puppy that will be trained in selected areas of Service such as Search and Rescue and Autistic Service K9. They have all had their hips X-rayed and cleared for GHD.


Ella (a darker version of her mother Lizzy), Scarlet (the escape artist) and Lucy (the little spitfire) have all been selected from litters sired by Boomer and will eventually have puppies sired by Ice.


From Boomer, with is 'gentle bear' demeanor to Nikita, with her WIN-or-DIE drive to Lizzy and her ever calm affectionate nature, our dogs all have beautiful personalities and wonderful pedigree's which we are always proud to share with anyone who requests it.


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